Seminars And Conferences

Service type

Attending internal and external scientific  conferences and symposia

Service description

Accepting the request of Faculty members at colleges of applied sciences to attend or participate in conferences or symposium with a  research or worksheet.

Target groups

Faculty members at colleges of applied sciences

Service procedures

1. The faculty member shall submit the request to the College Dean.

2. The College shall study the request and forward it to the Scientific Research Center

3. Ensuring that the request fulfills all requirements according to the criteria and conditions

4.  Forwarding the request to the undersecretary to get approval.

5. Forwarding the approval to the College.

6. Forwarding the approval to the Finance and Admin. affairs to issue the decision

Required documents

Attending Conference Application Form

Worksheet (research)

Acceptance letter from the organizing body

Implementing entity

Scientific Research Center at Ministry of Higher Education  

Time to provide service

1-2 working week


  1. Conference: A cultural gathering with a specific theme or subjects that invites specialists in a particular field to present research and worksheets addressing one issue of the conference. The conference is usually organized by an academic institution such as universities or research centers, and usually extends for days during which research and worksheets are discussed. The conference concludes with the final recommendations. 
  2. Symposia: A Seminar between specialists on a specific topic. The symposium consists of: a topic, a panelist, a director of the symposium, and audience. It is usually held at universities ,and educational and research institutions. The topics of the symposium are usually selected based on their significance. These topics are to be discussed between panelists who should have deep knowledge to enrich the topic.
  3. Worksheet: an organized method of writing that deals with a specific topic in an integrated way to communicate the concepts, theses and the basic ideas related to the subject addressed. It should be moderate in size and ideas and contain all opinions about the subject.

Bylaws and conditions regulating the procedure

Articles (108,109,110,111) of the Executive Bylaws issued by the Royal Decree No. (62/2007) regulating the Colleges of Applied Sciences


Still working on issuing bylaw regulating participating in conferences and symposium at Applied Sciences Colleges, therefore; amendments will be added to the forms and documents needed to provide the service