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  Offering new services in CAS Academic Portal    

Ministry of Higher Education has offered new services for students through the portal in the Academic E-Systems Center in the Directorate General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences for the second academic semester for the academic year 2016/2017.


These services include generating student transcripts, timetables, change major requests and absence reports. Since the start of registration for this academic semester in January 2017, using the academic portal has increased. The number of users has reached 46425 compared with the first semester registration period of the same academic year which reached only 959 users.


The head of the Academic E-Systems Center, Shieka khamis Al-Yaqoupi mentioned that offering such services goes along with carrying out the digital transformation plan as it is an objective in the strategic plan of the Colleges of Applied Sciences 2015-2019 and to offer up-to-date E-Systems.