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Welcome to Design

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Welcome to a world where creativity and imagination meet for communicating our thoughts and ideas.  This convergence takes place in the College of Applied Sciences Department of Design which is dedicated to preparing talented students to become the world's next generation of creative leaders. Students will strive to engage in visual literacy through the production of visual language.  Therefore, communicating messages through page layout, logo, illustration, typography, photography, advertising, computer graphics, animation, packaging, media, etc.

What is design?  It is the essence that gives order to information, form to ideas, and feeling to artifacts which document all human experience.  Design, also, understands that certain shapes, forms, elements, and principles of art are either born or naturally sculpted through laws of nature.  The role of a designer is to develop messages for selected audiences through the organization of words and images. By accomplishing this task, design has a tremendous impact on all mankind.  The designer, therefore, speaking in a global language creates an awareness of international life-styles, markets, and cultural differences that can affect the meaning of words and symbols.  With this emphasis on visual components, humans can then perceive, interpret and understand visual information.

In the spirit of furthering the development of Omani designers, the Ministry of Higher Education has embarked on a bold step in producing quality design graduates by 2010.  Through the centers of excellence in Ibri and Nizwa, students receive a professional education that prepares them with a solid understanding and mastery of the conceptual, creative, and technical skills required to be competitive in the world market.  The departments' current areas of specializations are Graphic and Digital Design which use technology as an interrelated component for visual communication.  Our program focuses on the students' culture and the relationship of Omani design to the modern world  

The Bachelor of Design is a four year program. On graduation, students will have the critical skills for future employment in graphic communication, web design, video production, advertising, animation, business, desktop publishing, motion graphics and new media.  The available teaching staff is comprised of multiple design disciplines and diverse cultural backgrounds which provides our graduates with a well rounded education.  Therefore, our educators are able to instill an extra edge of traditional and cultural values into the academic parameters.

Thus, the College of Applied Sciences will strive for design excellence by educating young Omanis in both local and international design. Our students will be ready for the   labor market both locally and internationally.


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